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My Story

Hi my name is Dustin Baker (Dusty), and if you’re on this page your most likely thinking what the hell is this dude about? Well then now it’s story time as I tell you a little about myself, and how Other World Iron came to be. It all started when I was a young boy, and was granted a wish by a trailer park fairy… yeah that was bullshit. The real story is down below.

I wanted to be a personal trainer since I was sixteen, but I was always told to not bother because the market is flooded, and that personal trainers just try to sleep with their clients. Well they were half right on that statement, but I bought into what all my friends and family said and put the dream aside as I changed my goals. I decided that when I turned eighteen I would join the military and serve my country, and I did just that.



I joined the U.S. Air Force as part of the food services unit in which I would received my military nutrition certification. This would be the beginning of what would get me back onto the track of becoming a personal trainer as I learned about nutrition, and applied it during my six years of service. While in the service I found out the military would reimburse me for my A.C.E. personal trainer certification which of course I went for it. Later I would develop a fascination for strength development which would bring me to a vocational college where I would get my N.S.C.A. certification, and a certification through the school itself.

Over my six years in the Air Force I would dabble in many nutrition companies, and work for just about every big box gym you can think of. During this time I would find out that most gyms didn’t pay their trainers much, and when you found a company that was awesome it was just a matter of time before a bigger company would buy them out, and then you would be back to that crap pay situation. This would lead to me working for myself, because I could charge far less then a mainstream gym and still make far more money then they would pay me. This allowed me to start helping people I couldn’t help in the past that couldn’t afford training since the gyms mandated the going rates.



Now let me step back a bit before I go on about my experience personal training. While I was in basic training ( Tech School ) I would experience what would eventually become the foundation of other world iron. On my personal days I would take to wandering the Lackland Air Force Base in Texas looking for anything to take my mind off the fact that the weekend was ending soon which meant going back to class. Wondering around one of the smaller BX PX ( a kind of mini mall ) I would stumble a cross a comic book store. Being something familiar to me I was excited to see the base had one to start with.

Walking through the comic store I would find walls of anime, video games, and just about anything geek I could think of. Making frequent visits to the store I would soon discover most of the base would visit the store quite often picking up video games, or the next DVD to an anime series. This just gave me one more thing to share, and enjoy with my brothers and sisters in arms ( I would see lots of army, and some navy in the store too ).


“Watching Anime in my room on my mini DVD player eating combos become my normal weekend activity which after time got me thinking If I do this to much I won’t pass my PT tests so I better start going to one of the gyms on base. Well I went to the gym closet to me on the base just to find that everyone I hang out with at the comic store went to the gym when they weren’t reading comics. These experiences would take root over the years and become what you see on this website today.”


Now during my time as a trainer I would find that most trainers guarded their knowledge like it was a secret sauce, and well shunned any one that wasn’t helping them make money. So as a new trainer working for himself self I set out to do what ever I could to get new clients and just ended up doing a lot of stupid shit. The picture on the right is some of the after math from a very short lived M.M.A. career. I found myself doing all these things I had no passion for to try to grow my client base, which it worked to some extent. Then I would end up with clients that had passions for goals I wasn’t suited to help them reach. The most important thing when it comes to working with a trainer is finding one that works well with your personality, and if that trainer claims that they can train anything including specialized fields, well they are full of shit. Very few trainers have the education or experience to back that up, but they do exist. Just ask questions, and see if they sound like sales people or someone who gets excited about your goals.


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After a few years I had learned some hard lessons greatly improving myself as a trainer. I started to only take clients That had similar interests (Anime, video games, super heroes, Etc.) as far as things we both liked which made the training experience that much more enjoyable for my clients. I knew my limits as a trainer, and would begin to refer clients out to people I knew were far more suited for their goals. Over the years I would continue to grow my knowledge base until the only people I referred out was people looking to do body building shows or train for baseball. Regardless who I was training I realized the results of clients were only as good as the experience they had with me. With this in mind I sat out to culture an environment that would be comfortable for those I trained which was the start to what would become Other World Iron.

During this process I would begin a Youtube channel which would help me help others by educating people of personal trainer scams, and supplement company bullshit. This channel would slowly grow into a website, which would eventually grow into something much more… a way for me to help more people then I would have ever imagined.



All this now brings us here. A website and soon to be physical location that embraces all things geek while being real about your fitness goals. Your health is important, and everything you’re passionate about in life is an other opportunity to help fuel you towards your goals. There is motivation to be found in all things, and I want to help you find that motivation, and use it to externally motivate you until we can internalize it, and make you unstoppable when it comes to your goals. It will take hard work, and forming new habits, and well some days its going to really suck until we get that motivation train moving smoothly. I can promise you anything worth having is worth the time it takes to get it, but hopefully I can help you pass that time faster by taking those rough moments, and making them more enjoyable.

If you have any more questions about me, or fitness in general. Feel free to contact me using the form down below, or by finding me on any of the platforms listed down below on the left hand side. Until then dont just train to be fit train to be hero fit.