Meeting Alan Roberts of Every Damn Day Fitness.

     I had the privilege of attending Alan Roberts July 2018 event S.I.T.F.U. for six. I was originally going to attend an event that was also in July called real weight for real heroes, but the planer of the event canceled it last minute due to some really poor choices he made which was just his lack of planing. With plan tickets to new York and no reason for going I was pissed not just for myself but all the veterans that got screwed over in the process. The whole reason for this event was to raise money for our veterans through the Semper Fi Fund.

    Angry and complaining on social media I was approached by Alan Roberts who asked me if I could change my tickets to Pittsburgh. Alan in less then 24 hours had already started to save the event by seeing up a new event with the Semper Fi Fund, and reaching out to all of us who had paid for plane tickets for the original event. Alan knew I was coming in from the other side of the U.S. ( Utah ) and that the trip wasn't cheap. In response to my situation I was offered to stay with him for the event and that he would pick me up from the airport. His offer seemed unreal, due to the fact he was one of the main reasons why I was going outside of helping the veterans.

     Getting into Alan's car was one of those moments in life when you realize things are finally happening. Like getting into his care finally made it real and not just some story I was telling people. I spent the first 15 minutes in his car feeling starstruck as Alan went straight to helping me improve my channel, website, and overall approach to my goals. Alan said something to me that would set a lot into motion "Dustin your a smart guy and funny as well, but Dustin its ok to tell jokes, but don't be a joke". I was taken back on many levels by this. I one sentence I had heard all I needed to reach my goals.

     Now that I had my head straightened out, the event its self would be the final wake up call I needed. At home I would train 3-4 times a week for any where from an hour to an hour and a half which I thought was good. After doing a six hour workout I found out a lot about myself. My limits were far great then I ever gave myself credit for, and the drive I discovered that day would redefine my attitude on fitness moving forward. Between Alan's words and the event itself, I was ready to come home and start living for my passions and return to pursuing health and fitness as a career as I did once before.