3x10 Program

     Programs built around doing 3x10 tend to be for beginners new to the fitness scene. Why? Well here are some of the most common factors you will find in 3x10 programs. Most 3x10 programs will only consist of 3-4 exercises to prevent excessive soreness for those who are new, or have very little experience with exercise. Some people never transition beyond these types of programs due to two major facts. One, they have become to comfortable with their program and don’t want the stress of adapting to new stresses on their body, and two some people just don’t know how to progress a program. 3x10 is what you can call a newbie rut. Its great for a starting point but depending on the individual you such progress and zone in on your fitness goals after doing programs like these after 1-3 months.

     Simple programs tend to psych people out in the beginning due to natural adaptations in the body. During your first two weeks of exercise, or returning to exercise after a long break. Your body will begin to active “Motor Neurons”. These are nerve endings in the muscles that go to sleep after not being used for a long time, its the body’s way of preserving energy. 3x10 programs tend to play off this factor thus why you will see low end personal trainers build their programs around it, because truth be told most clients don’t stick with a trainer long enough to find out that the program their trainer made for then is just a plateau waiting to happen.


     Now this style of program isn’t effective for building strength. It may appear that way in the beginning but once you pass that two week mark and all of those motor neurons have woke up, you will find your strength gains will come to a halt. The 3x10 rang tends to be to light of weight to really build any strength. For someone who is sedentary this style of program night work for some time but as stated before give it 1-3 months max and you will stop gaining strength. Now this style of training isn’t quite right for fat loss either for it sits between the cusp of strength and weight loss as this range is in he hypertrophy range A.K.A. bodybuilding range. Further more most 3x10 programs don’t even cut it since they only call for 3-4 exercises when body building requires higher volumes of weight moved to get results worth while.

     Just to give a quick outline here are the reps ranges for weight loss, bodybuilding and strength. ( 15+ weight loss, 9-12 bodybuilding, 1-8 strength ) Yes there are gaps in those numbers because each certifying organization each has their own opinion of what those numbers are so this is just a happy medium between them all. 

     Well enough of all that lets summarize my thought on this style of training with some bullet points.

  • Great for beginners new to fitness looking just to start getting into the habit of working out.
  • To vague of a program to target specific fitness goals and plateaus.
  • you should progress your program away from this style of training 1-3 months max.  

     Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you have any questions you can contact me using the form found at the bottom of every one of my webpages. You’re questions will help expand this article as I add my Q&A section to it down below.