Eating Habits & Diets.

There are so many diet programs, and lifestyle suggestions out there that it can be easy to get lost in it all. The best diet for you is the one you can stick to, but not all diets are meant to be permanent lifestyle changes. With that in mind I created this page you are reading right now. When coming to this page you most likely saw the drop down menu with a list of diets. This section of my website is to serve as feedback for all the many diets that are out there to help you choose one that better fits your lifestyle situation. Before looking into my opinions on the diets listed I would ask that you go over the questions listed below. Each time you look into starting any diets listed here or found any where else ask yourself these questions. All choices you make have powerful potential so make sure that such potential works towards your goals and not a potential let down. 


(1) Is this to good to be true?

Programs that promise the world with no draw backs, things to consider, or any pros and cons often are to good to be true. Every diet or life style change requires something of you, be it giving up sugar, or eating pre portioned meals. Any program that promises you you can eat what you want and lose weight without being up front about its draw backs is most likely a gimmick. 

(2) What is Different this time around?

Its easy to find a new diet, or life style choice that leaves us thinking that its the change we are looking for. We have to be truthful with ourselves and ask was the diet the issue, or was I not as committed to it as I thought I was? Results tend to be equivalent to our truthfulness with ourselves. 

(3) What is my motivation for this diet / lifestyle change?

Here is where things can seem harsh. Motivation comes and goes inconstantly. You are going to have your highs and lows, but as adults we makes choices and that means sticking with it. Motivation is just frosting on the cake when we struggle, but dedication is the cake itself, DON'T EAT THAT CAKE!


My Overall Opinion on eating habits.

2000 calories is a good solid number to base your eating habits off of, and this is why you will see it listed on the back of anything you eat along with something along the lines of "This is worth X amount of calories based on a 2000 calories diet. Why is it such a good number? The average person can maintain their weight with 2000 calories. Now many online calculators for caloric intake will ask your activity level and try to adjust this number to meet your energy demands, but it a quick way of putting on excess body weight because the math formulas they use for those energy demands are just wide range guesses. I am a fan of apps that track your calories, but I would strongly suggest you ignore their activity level calorie consumption numbers. It can mean the difference from losing weight to gaining it. 

With 2000 calories being the base number you can lose weight by eating lower then 2000 calories. Here is where I would cation you. Extreme dieting will not equal fast weight loss. Cutting to much back at once can have negative effects on the body. My suggestion is to cut back 1-200 calories at a time and then give yourself a month to see how your body reacts before making any other changes. Now keep in mind your activity level does have an impact on weightless as well, but tracking those calories burned are not down to a fine science yet. Even if you could track those calories burned exactly, it would still be easy to find yourself over eating as you eat to offset the calories burned through activity. In my opinion you will get better results if you stay active and not track calories burned by your activity.