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Dungeons and Dragons Blink Stone Campaign.

  • Otherworld Iron 9425 South Union Square Sandy, UT, 84070 United States (map)

Please note children under the age of 12 are not allowed at these events. My business is a gym and by law for me to have children under the age of 12 present I have to have a day care license and designated zone for children under 12. We do not have a license nor zone at this time.

-Story Intro-

One night as you sleep soundly you are awoken by an unsettling feeling. You try to go back to sleep but you can’t shake the fact that you feel you need to be somewhere for something important, but you have no idea what it is or where you need to be. This feeling haunts you for days robbing you of any real rest as the feeling begins to grow into what you would imagine is a sirens call. You follow the call for weeks not knowing your destination and not being able to resist it. At the brink of your physical and mental sanity when all hope begins to fade into a pointless existence you finally find it. You find an old chapel in the middle of the woods far from any civilization. The call is screaming from this building in your mind as you pick up up speed to answer it promptly. You approach the buildings double doors with a sigh of relief for it feels like it finally over. Pushing the doors open a light wisp of wind blows over you cooling the sweat on your skin. You can see faint lights and her voices in the distance react to the doors opening as you enter. What happens next is up tp you.

-Character Creation-

All classes are allowed for this campaign. All races are allowed with a standard level adjustment of one. (this is all bases races and even home brew races as long as they meet the level adjustment) 3.5 to 5th addition is playable as we will be using some hybrid rules for this game. Some rules will not be reviewed until game play start due to being part of the storyline. We will be using figures and table top mapping for battles so if you have a figure you want to use please bring one. If you don’t have one I will provide you one.

-Combat in this game-

The combat will follow some old school rules. Each movement square is worth five of your total movement score. You have two actions per turn and one reflex action per monster movement phase (this does influence character creation a bit for warriors mostly). If you have any questions Please let me know.

-Food & Drink-

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink for I do have a full kitchen in my business location. We are also right next to a maverick gas station if you need to pick up more of anything during game play. Water and coffee are provided by me for the session.


Donations help greatly with keeping this service free by helping with the upkeep of supplies and the purchase of further gaming equipment. The donation box is located in the game room and are appreciated, but not required.

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