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The Game Room.

OtherWorld Iron is excited to announce that our game room is now open. We will have free monthly events, and this room will be available for rent to the public for $20 an hour from 6pm to 2am. Thats right its late night gaming, so when your game store of choice needs to close just move on over here to keep your gaming going. All sessions need to be booked ahead of time to grantee availability. You must be 18 or older to rent out the game room. Gamers under the age of 18 must have written consent from a parent or guardian when staying late.

So what does $20 get you?

-DM table set up for 6-8 players.

-Gaming supplies, character sheets, pencils, etc.

-Microwave and fridge. Yes you can bring your own food, and nonalcoholic drinks

-Private space to geek out at maximum levels.

Monthly Events

The Divine Blink Stone ( D&D Campaign )

we currently do not have a date set as we need more players. More campaign information will be available soon.

Super Mario Smash Bros Tournament

We currently do not have a set dat for this event as we work on creating AWARENESs of such events. It will be a free event with prize support for 1st and 2nd.