The Guild Membership.

Turn your gym experience into an RPG adventure with a guild membership at OtherWorld Iron for $15 a month! Create a classic RPG character that levels up with your fitness activity. Join unique player created guilds to build a social community. Gain access to our guild vault to receive real rewards. For more details view the sections below, or contact us with your questions via our contact page.

Memberships are month to month with no contracts.

Ready to join? Contact us today to get set up with a guild membership. Memberships are limited (150 only), so get them while they last.



Character Creation.

Upon membership purchase you will be asked to create a level one character from the character classes, and races provided. Characters don’t level up traditionally from gaining experience from killing monsters, and questing. Here our characters gain experience from gym visits, completing daily quests, and being active in our local community events.

In game coins can be gained this way as well. Players will have choices at times to earn coins or experience. Coins can be used to purchase real world prizes from our guild vault.

Weekly events will be held when players will get to play as their characters during dungeon delving sessions. During these sessions players will have a chance to earn bonus coins and reputation for their guilds.



Joining a Guild.

Guilds can be formed when three or more players decide to work as a group. Guilds are leveled up by the activity of its members, and gaining guild levels provides bonus to its members. Each time a guild levels up a discount will be applied to the guild bank for its guild members. If a guild dosnt’t maintain enough active members the guild will then go into inactive status. once a guild enters inactive status it will begin to lose experience over time leveling down until it is disbanded.

Lists of the items the guild bank contains can be found inside the guild hall (the gym).