Geek Motivation

     We all have something we are passionate about. Something that when brought up in conversation we tend to get excited and well geek out over the topic. The topic can be anything that motivates us, just things we are just a big fan of. Regardless of what that topic is we can use it to motivate us towards fitness goals, think of it as a kind of geek motivation. Now here we will focus on this like anime, video games, and comics but that doesn't mean that other things that make you want to geek out can't work as well.


     I the next few tabs of this page you will find some general geek topics where I have complied some of my biggest geek motivation sources. You will also find a tab with other motivation sources, and Im not talking about inspirational memes, or daily mortars. Im talking about everything that I have seen that can be linked back to fitness, and the great thing is these tabs will continue to grow as we interact, and find new sources to draw motivation from. I hope you all enjoy the content found within the tabs of those section, and as always feel free to contact me with any questions and ideas you might have. I look forward to hearing from you as this site develops into so much more.