Training Methods

To continue to build upon The Progress Pyramid I will be reviewing training programs over time. I will be researching their origins and history, and where they fit in on The Progress Pyramid. I will take each program and break it down according to how I see it (What its good for, skill level, and final thoughts.) Each program I review will be labeled with one of the circle icons you can find on The Progress Pyramid page. The goal of all this is for new comers to be able to look up the training method they would like to use and get a good idea of how to map out their training. Some methods listed will be more advanced but I will also provide advice on what type of training should be completed first, or prerequisites when applicable. Im excited to be able to offer insight on all the many forms of training out there, but with that being said feel free to contact me using the form on the bottom of every page to suggest what kind of training you would like to see added to my list.