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Whether you are looking to lose 5 or 150 pounds, add mass to your frame, or just get into better shape the joint coaching venture between Damn Serenity Athletics and Every Damn Day Fitness will work for you.

Your monthly membership includes:

One video conference every week to make adjustments, discuss sticking points, and help guide you through any difficulties you are having

Customized nutritional support based upon your goals, food preferences, history, etc

Workouts customized for your fitness level and proficiency

FULL ACCESS to Damn Serenity Athletics Online including:

  • Restorative Hatha Yoga

  • Mobility Focused Yoga for Weight Lifters

  • Power Flow Yoga for a faster pace

  • Balance and Flexibility training for those with limited mobility

  • Body Weight and Resistance Band Conditioning Training

All plans have a 3 month commitment to assure you give yourself the best chance of success in your fitness journey.