Three things to ask your personal trainer.

Some personal trainers are more about their wallets more then their clients now and days. A good trainer will make good money purely off the fact people like working with him/her, they are knowledgeable, and easy to approach. To help you find a personal trainer who is worth your time, here are three things you can ask you personal trainer.

1. What are your certifications?

A good trainer knows that good certifications don't necessarily make good trainers. A trainer who is confident in his/her ability will answer this question without delay, or asking you why you want to know.

2. What is your specialty?

A bad trainer will try to convince you that they can do it all as they try to sell the fact. A good trainer will answer you with what his favorite type of training is with confidence and allow you to ask more questions if needed instead of trying to sell you his skill set. 

. What type of clients do you have the least experience working?

A bad trainer will yet again try to sell you that he can work with them all. A good trainer will be up front with his short comings knowing that every area of weakness is an opportunity to develop new strengths.   

Overall a good trainer will show a friendly confidence in his ability, and will not try to sell you his skill set, but gain your trust by answering your questions while not taking offense when its his/her ability being questioned.