Being Hero Fit

Being hero fit is a way of life, but what exactly does it mean to be hero fit? Being hero fit is following two basic rules. One, take advantage of every opportunity to be physically active, and two when choosing a workout program put performance before aesthetics. Now this doesn't mean you can't work on aesthetics, it just means it doesn't take priority. True fitness is all about function, but don't let others use this concept to fool you for there are those out there out of shape and over weight that will try to hide their inactivity behind the definition of fitness. Don't worry about them any way because we go out of our way here to point them out in episodes of The Hunger for Evolution. 

Now that we have got all of that out of the way, lets go over what it takes to be hero fit!


Make A Commitment

Just like any other life changing event it all starts with a single choice. You can't walk into changing your life for the better feeling half assed or unsure. You have to make the commitment that no matter what, you will stick things out until you work your way through the feelings of chaos and find your way of getting things done, but you will never find that way until you make the choice that it is time to change your approach and start reaching your goals.

  I wish I could tell you that it all works like "The Secret" and all you have to do is want and envision it. Well thats half of what it takes. The other half is acting on every opportunity you find to reach your goals while looking for new future opportunities. You can approach this in many different ways, but in the end you must make a commitment to your goals before change can become more then  just an idea.


Refine Eating Habits

   Now before you get carried away with thoughts of meal prep and managing nutrition intake, just stop for one minute. I know we have all trolled the net looking at bodybuilders, action stars, hell even video game characters for inspiration. The thing we must keep in mind is it took time for those people to develop eating habits to support their fitness goals, and to do that we must develop discipline.

The discipline needed to stick to healthy eating habits starts with one change at a time. Drinking more water, removing excess sugars, and cutting back on junk food are all examples of steps in the right direction of eating to support your goals. Just start with something simple and once you can make something as simple as drinking the water you need a habit, then you can move on to the next simple step. All things complex in life are made up of simple components just as fitness based nutrition is made up of simple eating habits.


Choose A Program

First things first we have to choose a program. Now as mentioned before choose a program that is goal specific towards a performance goal like strength or endurance. Aesthetics will come over time a result of sticking to a program. Constantly changing up a program instead of progressing it is the number one reason you will not see improvement. You must give the body time to adept to your training, and once it has challenge by increasing your programs intensity. This con be done by adding weight, decreasing rest time between sets, or by changing your tempo. Bottom line choose a program and stick with it.


stock-photo-4987655 copy 5.jpg

Be Realistic

Now here is where I see people get defeated the most. Its ok to choose the image of a strong muscular greek god as your goal, but realize that the bigger the goal the longer it will take to get there. You may also be required to learn some new advanced training methods to make it happen as well, but you must first stick to a program that will lead you to your goals.

So here are some things to keep in mind, all goals take time so you must be willing to dedicate years to your training because good results take good amounts of time. Remember to put performance first because if you choose the wrong aesthetic goal you may find yourself feeling defeated when two weeks go by and you haven't added inches of muscle yet. 


Take Opportunities

When I say take opportunities I mean take advantage of every fitness opportunity you get. Yes that means park your car further away from the grocery store, work, or event. Take walks to clear your head, or even walk the dog until its tired. 

All activity creates an energy demand on the body wich is a good thing, but don't let yourself fall into the trap of thinking things like " I walked the dog for an hour today so I don't need to go to the gym". 


Question Everything

The greeks used something called the seven pillars of wisdom, but I want to focus on the one pillar that served them best... question everything. Questions lead to answers, answers lead to knowledge, and knowledge empowers you to reach your goals faster. 

There is a lot of bad information about fitness all over the place. If you hear some latest research that states something that sounds to good to be true it most likely is, but to find out way is to question its validity in the world of fitness. You may annoy a few people with picking their brains, but in the end you will be able to reach your goals faster as you avoid the time vampire, and pit traps of bad information in the fitness community.